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Messi’s 15 years wearing Barcelona’s jersey

Messi's 15 years wearing Barcelona's jersey

On 16th October 2004, Barcelona played an away match which was against Espanyol and beat them by a 1 – 0 goal. In the 82nd minute, Barca coach grounded a 17 years old kid with shaggy hair. He just made a couple of dribble in the game but could not present any extraordinary skills. No, his performance was not so special and not even the match was so contesting and rememberable. But still, the match is considered as a special match of Barcelona’s history. Barcelona entered a new era through the match. The era of amazing records. The young kid was today’s Lionel Messi. Yes, today we would like to talk about Messi’s 15 years wearing Barcelona’s jersey!

In his inaugural match, Messi played for a few minutes but that was just the beginning. In the next years, by holding his hand, Barcelona stepped forward to their best moments in history. From the young and talented footballer, Lionel Messi has become one of the greatest footballers of all time in history. He has got a huge success at the Nou Camp and brought plenty of titles at their camp. Messi’s colourful and eye-catchy career at the Camp Nou has touched the fifteen years earlier today.

In the year of 2001, the Argentine forward Lionel Messi joined the club of Catalunia. Within a very short time, his amazing skills led him to the main team of Barcelona. He just took part in the Barcelona B team for a couple of matches. By showing his performance through the practice, he earned the trust of Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard. Against Espanyol, he was benched for the first time and at the end of the game, he was finally grounded and made his official debut for the Catalan giants. How was the moment? By remembering the day Lionel Messi stated that it is still so important in his professional career. On that day, he filled up his childhood dreams. It was a real celebrating moment for the Argentine legend. Messi was too happy and at the same time, he feared.

When he was grounded, he just enjoyed the moment. Messi still remembers that he got a good chance but could not control himself. After the match, Barcelona boss Frank Rijkaard came to him and told that he missed the chance. After his debut match, he took eight matches to find the net for the first time. And later, he has passed the long 15 years, the most colourful 15 years wearing Barcelona’s shirt and scored a total of 692 goals.

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