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Messi’s 50 hat-tricks statistics

Messi's 50 hat-tricks statistics

Lionel Messi, who does not know the name of the most talkative football player in the World? The five-times Ballon d’Or winner also achieved his 50th hat-tricks in all competitions. Yesterday in La Liga, Lionel Messi made a hat-trick against Sevilla. It was the 50th number hat-trick of LM10 in his professional career. Now, we are talking about the Messi’s 50 hat-tricks statistics so far.

Lionel Messi made his first hat-trick in 2007 against Real Madrid. After passing a decade, he has scored his 50th hat-trick against Sevilla. So, he has made the half-century of the hat-trick. If we consider the 50 hat-tricks of LM10, Messi has scored eight in the UEFA Champions League. 32 hat-tricks in the Spanish La Liga, three in Copa del Rey and one in the Spanish Super Cup. Rest six hat-tricks have been achieved in the national team. Now, we are analyzing his all hat- tricks.

If we consider the eight hat-tricks in the Champions League, Messi scored two of them in the knockout round. These two hat-tricks are big. In 2012 against German club Bayer Leverkusen in the 2nd round, Messi scored five goals. On the other side, in 2010 at quarter-final against Arsenal, Messi scored four goals which were the return leg. In the season of 2016/17 Champions League, Messi scored two hat-tricks consecutively. The opponents were Celtic and
Manchester City.

Messi has a number of favorite opponents to score a hat-trick. In that case, he likes Valencia, Osasuna, Espanyol, and Deportivo. Against these four teams, LM10 scored three hat-tricks each in La Liga. The hat-trick of the hat-trick. Against Valencia, Messi made a hat-trick in the Copa del Rey as well. He scored a total of four hat-tricks against the team including Spanish Super Cup. Besides, the Argentine forward scored three hat-tricks against Sevilla. Two of them in La Liga and one is Super Cup. He has also three hat-tricks against Atletico Madrid. Two of them in La Liga and one in the Copa del Rey.

Lionel Messi made a hat-trick against Sevilla

If we consider Messi’s hat-tricks with the national team, he made six there too. He scored hat- tricks against Switzerland, Brazil, Guatemala, Panama, and Ecuador. Among them, four hat-tricks were in the international friendly matches, one in the Copa America and rest one in the World Cup qualifying round.

The hat-trick against Ecuador in the World Cup qualifying round is still regarded as one of the important hat-tricks in his career. In the match, based on his performance, Argentina got the ticket of 2018 FIFA World Cup. Messi scored four goals in six matches each. In 2010 and 2011, Messi scored six hat-tricks and in 2012, he scored nine hat-tricks so far.

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