Milner’s penalty goal saved Liverpool against the Foxes

Nowadays, in the English Premier League competition, Liverpool is one of the two most talkative teams no doubt. From the last season, the football lovers at least keep their eyes on them as well as on their performance. And also, the Reds are keeping the best form continue. In the ongoing PL season, they are holding the top position and already they are eight points ahead of the current champion Manchester City. But earlier today, the team of Klopp was about to stumble. Finally, Milner’s penalty goal saved Liverpool against the Foxes! And, the Reds have returned with the full three points.

At the Anfield which is the home venue of Liverpool, earlier today they played a Premier League match against Leicester City and won by a 2 – 1 goal. In the first half, Sadio Mane led the last time EPL runners-up ahead. In the 80th minute, through the goal of Maddison, the Foxes returned to the game.

Liverpool which team kept the pressure to the opponent’s defense since the beginning of the match and in the 40th minute, the reds went ahead. From their area, Milner passed the ball and Mane escaped an opponent player with the amazing skill. By making the Conakry shot, Senegal forward found the net. In the ongoing league, it is the 5th goal of the Senegal star. From the beginning of the 2nd half, the Reds kept more pressure on the Foxes but could not find the 2nd goal.

In the meantime, Leicester City returned to the game on the complete opposite way of the game. In the 80th minute, the Spanish forward Perez made a clever pass and the English midfielder Maddison found it into the box and escaped the Reds goalkeeper Adrian. After ending the selected times, the Reds were about to lose points but in the 5th additional minute, Milner’s successful spot-kick secured the victory of the apprentices of Jurgen Klopp. Into the box, Sadio Mane was fouled and the referee gave the Reds a penalty.

Liverpool which team has already played eight rounds in the Premier League and won all eight matches. So, they have achieved the highest 24 points and secured the top position. By playing seven matches, with the five victories and a draw, Man City is holding the 2nd position gathering 16 points so far.