Mohamed Salah has the similarity with Leo – Arsene Wenger

Mohamed Salah is a very familiar name in football World right now. He is an Egyptian professional football player and playing for the English club Liverpool. Now, he has become an inseparable part in the Reds squad. Salah who is often compared with the Argentine great Lionel Messi considering the playing style. He is also a dribbler and renowned for his amazing finishing skill. Now, the former boss of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, Mohamed Salah has the similarity with Leo!

Like it or not, Mohamed Salah is one of the best players in the World right now and he is very much known for speed, dribbling and perfect finishing. Salah is currently 27 years old and already earned his place among the top-rated players in the World. He joined at the Anfield in the year 2017 and already played 78 appearances with the club and scored 57 goals so far. In the last season, he played a vital role for the Reds and so, his team won the Champions League title and also finished the league season with 2nd position. For just 1 point, they missed the top rank.

Yes, obviously we cannot compare him with one of the greatest players of all time like Lionel Messi but yes, they have something in common no doubt. And the former coach of the Gunners talked about the similarities.

Arsene Wenger is completely impressed by the playing style of Mohamed Salah after arriving at the Anfield. And so, he has found a similarity between Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah. In the last week, Liverpool played a Premier League match and won against Burnley by a 3 – 0 goal. In the game, his teammate Mane was in a suitable position to score a goal but Salah did not pass the ball but tried himself. So, after the game, the Egyptian star has been criticized strongly.

Arsene Wenger does not like to see it as a major mistake. This experienced coach believes that Salah is a good finisher but it will take time to come maturity. He also added that Salah has similarity with Leo but obviously, he should keep his performance continue like LM10. He is a good finisher but Lionel Messi is a complete footballer. LM10 also assists many times.

Wenger also added that Salah wants to score goal most of the time but when he will mature completely, he will understand when to pass the ball to the teammates and when to finish alone.