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Mourinho’s nature revealed by captain Harry Kane

Mourinho's nature revealed by captain Harry Kane

English professional forward footballer Harry Kane, who is the current captain of English premier league club Tottenham Hotspur have to bring out the nature of their current boss Jose Mourinho during half-time. His encouraging speech during half-time on the match against Olympiakos, where Tottenham found a victory by 4-2 which secured their place for the knockout stages in the Champions League. So, Mourinho’s nature revealed by captain Harry Kane.

Tuesday’s match where Tottenham win over Olympiakos was the very first match for the spur’s under their new Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho. As Tottenham captain, Kane scored twice for his victorious team also become a record holder of the fastest player to score 20 goals in any competition after appearances.

56-year-old Jose Mourinho was very calm in the half-time break instead of finding the weakness of new players. As the score was 2-1 just got a goal before going to the break time. Kane the English captain said that “ It is peaceful when you scoring just before half-time.”

The 26-year-old forward said about his new boss,” He just said that you played worse and can’t play worse than this so be calm, add some energy and you have your freedom, don’t care about crowd.” We did that what he says and the result is in front of you.

This English International football player added,

Being qualified was important for us and we are not going to leave until the last game. It was disappointing when we were down by 2-0 but boys did it well in the second half as we found our victory. We need more hard work to continue that and our last year’s result will help us to do something similar to that or better than that result. We have a quality squad to do that.

With that win, Tottenham ensures their place in the knockout stage of the Champions League as 2nd team from Group B. Spurs going to travel to Bayern Munich in the last 16 teams fight for the title and this is the third consecutive time for Tottenham to competing in the knockout stage.

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