Namibia won the T20I series against Botswana

Most of the cricket fans are not currently aware of the Namibia or Botswana cricket teams but still, they have got rank in ICC. Namibia is standing on the 20th position considering the ICC T20I ranking and Botswana is on the 33rd position. Now, according to the news, Botswana cricket team is travelling Namibia where they are scheduled to play four T20I matches against the home team Namibia. Their dual tournament has already started and the home team Namibia won the T20I series against Botswana. The tournament is a part of the 2019 ICC T20 World Cup qualifier round.

In the 19th August 2019, Namibia played their first T20I match against the guest team Botswana and today, they have played the 3rd match. Now, they have one match in hand and now, Namibia is looking forward to whitewash the guest team Botswana.

On 19th August, the first match between them took place and the host venue was United Ground, Windhoek. Botswana won the toss and decided to bowl first. So, the home team Namibia came to bat and played so destructively. Craig Williams scored unbeaten 68 runs in just 31 balls. In 20 overs, Namibia scored 193 runs in exchange for just 4 wickets. In return, Botswana scored 100 runs in selected 20 overs by losing seven wickets. SO, Namibia won by 93 runs in the first match. 

In the following next day, the 2nd match took place between them at the same venue. Once again, Botswana won the toss and decided to field. This time Namibia was much more destructive. They simply dominated the guest team’s bowlers.

In 20 overs, Namibia scored 240 runs where Jean-Pierre Kotze scored the highest 101 runs unbeaten in 43 balls. In the meantime, they just lost three wickets so far. Botswana faced a big defeat in the match. Their innings ended scoring 116 runs by losing 2 wickets. So, Namibia won by 124 runs and secured the T20I series. 

Now, earlier today at the same venue these two teams played their 3rd T20I match where Namibia won the toss and came to bat. By losing eight wickets, Namibia scored 174 runs and their top scorer was Stephan Baard who added 92 runs so far. In return, Botswana tried to do better but lost all wickets scoring 96 runs in 18.1 overs. So, the series is won by the home team Namibia already. The 4th match is going to take place in next 23rd August 2019.