Napoli will finally get talented winger Hirvinga Lozano

In order for Napoli to finally threaten Juventus in the fight for Scudetto, he must carry out transfers similarly to the Juventus. There were plans to do so this summer but so far not much has come of it. James Rodriguez is still in Madrid and Nabil Fekir preferred to choose Real Betis from Napoli. The attack still remains powered but this may change soon. Napoli will finally get talented winger Hirvinga Lozano.

A Dutch medium says that Napoli have already agreed with PSV Eindhoven, the current wing club. The Mexican is to cost them 42 million euros which in this case is a fair price. Details of the player’s contract remain to be agreed but they should not be a problem anymore.

It’s a good deal for all parties. Napoli will get a player who can be made one of the best winger in the world. PSV will earn good money on him and will be able to easily acquire some potential successor to the Mexican.

The player himself will take the right step towards his development. Who would not want to be educated alongside Arkadiusz Milik.