Napoli’s 2nd round will be against the Old Lady

Napoli is a big clubs in Italian competition and ion the last season, they went too close to the Serie A title. But finally, they grabbed the 2nd position. They were 11 points behind than the top tier Juventus. But in the new season of Serie A where just first round has finished, Napoli has got a chance of moving to the top. Napoli’s 2nd round will be against the Old Lady and if they could manage a victory against the current champion of Serie A, they will surely move to the top position. But against the Old lady where players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Dybala and some other top-rated players are playing, would be very hard to find the glory.

Juventus and Napoli both Italian clubs started the new season of Serie A with the victory. The Old Lady won their inaugural match against Parma by a 1 – 0 goal which was their away match. They found the only goal in the 21st minute of the game. Considering their performance, Napoli played better.

They won against Fiorentina by a 4 – 3 goals which were also the away match of Napoli. The match was too contesting. Now, Napoli is going to play their 2nd away match in the new season of Serie A and it will be against the toughest opponent in Italy no doubt.

Once the Argentine star Gonzalo Higuain playing for Napoli. He was quite brilliant and now, he is shining the Old Lady. Alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Dybala, Higuain is playing well. So, against such an attacking division, team Napoli has to be so careful.

The Italian champion Juventus is looking forward to strengthen their attacking division. The current boss of the Old Lady Sarri8 did not like the Argentine star Dybala much. He wants to make the squad without him. In the first Serie A match against Parma, the star was in the squad but the coach did not ground him. And the transfer window has come to the end. Only a couple of days are in hand.

PSG wants to sell Neymar and Juventus wants to take the chance. They are ready to present an offer to the French side and considering it, They will give 100 million Euro along with Dybala in exchange for Neymar. And if the transfer will be completed, no teams in Italy would dare to challenge Juventus.