Netherlands lost the T20I series and UAE looking forward to whitewash

The United Arab Emirates or simply UAE is a newly rising cricket team in the World and now, they are travelling the Netherlands. They are scheduled to play four matches T20I series against the home team and since the 3rd August 2019, the T20I series started. However, those who think the home team Netherlands are the favourite in the tournament but the United Arab Emirates proved them so wrong. Netherlands lost the T20I series against UAE! Yes, already the UAE won the first three T20I matches consecutively and secured the T20I title. Now, the United Arab Emirates are looking forward to whitewash the Dutch team.

In the 3rd August 2019 at the VRA Cricket Ground, Amstelveen, the first T20I between UAE and the Netherlands took place. The home team won the toss and let the guest team bat first. The United Arab Emirates played very well and scored 181 runs in 20 overs. The score was too big in 20I cricket. The Dutch team tried well and went close enough but failed. They scored 168 runs in 20 overs. 

After winning the first match, on 5th August, the 2nd match took place between them at the same venue. This time the guest team won the toss and let the Dutch to bat first. The home team scored 136 runs in 20 overs and it seemed easy enough for the guest team but they had to play till 19.3 overs to reach the given target. So, United Arab Emirates won the 2nd match by 5 wickets. 

Earlier today, the 3rd T20I took place between them at the Sportpark Westvliet, Voorburg. The Netherlands won the toss and decided to bowl first as usual. So, the UAE came to bat and Ashfaq Ahmed and Rohan Mustafa opened the innings for the guest team.

They jointly added 38 runs when Rohan Mustafa was gone. Opener Ashfaq played well and scored 56 runs highest for the team. Rest players of the team added few more runs each. At the end of the 20 overs, United Arab Emirates scored 152 runs in exchange for eight wickets. Sebastiaan Braat took three wickets highest for the home team.

Later, the Netherlands came to chase the score but in 1 run, opener Staal was gone. In 16 runs the 2nd wicket followed him as well. Just the other opener Max played well and added the highest 65 runs and led the team to near the victory but finally could not save. By losing 9 wickets, the Netherlands scored 138 runs in 20 overs.