Neymar does not have the capability of winning a match – Emmanuel Petit

If we consider the top-rated forwards in the World recent time, Neymar is one of them but in recent time, people criticize about him more than respect or praises him. He took some controversial decisions after leaving the Catalan club and has come to the headline. The Brazilian won the hearts of the football lovers by providing amazing skills on the ground and so, they praised him earlier. But for the immatured attitudes, he has been criticized as well. Now, the former World Cup-winning midfielder Emmanuel Petit criticized him strongly. According to the former French player, the Brazilian poster boy Neymar does not have the capability of winning a match!

Neymar was passing a great time in Barcelona with the Argentine Messi and Uruguayan striker Suarez but he did not want to play like a shadow of Messi but wanted to rule. All in a sudden, he left Barcelona and joined at the PSG. Earlier the season, he once again wanted to move to his professional club but the transfer remains unfinished. His acts created some controversies in the football World. This time, to the Brazilian forward, the former Barca star Emmanuel Petit revealed his anger.

Petit made things clear that how people treat Neymar as the great football is fully wrong. He is not like the player. Because Neymar does not have the capability of winning a match! In that case, he made a comparison between Neymar and Zidane. Zidane had the ability to change the match’s result alone. In any minute, they were able to make any significant movement. They just focused on the attacking division but did not take their concentrate on the defensive position. Besides, they did not help to defence as well. Yes, the rest players did not mind to notice that. On the opposite way, the rest team players worked hard for them not to take extra pressure. Because the whole team knew if anyone can change the match’s result anytime, it was them. Neymar is not like the player.

Yes, obviously there are a huge number of people who are the fans of Neymar but still, there are many criticizers too. In the list of the criticizers, the French World Cup-winning forward Emmanuel Petit has been added. Petit also stated Neymar as the selfish player who just played for only himself. He has no respect for his team. If other people see the rest of the PSG squad who are tolerating Neymar every day, they can understand everything.