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Neymar is more technically gifted than Lionel Messi – Cafu

Neymar is more technically gifted than Lionel Messi

The question has come often that is the name of Neymar will be remembered with so much disappointment? But the Brazilian World Cup-winning skipper Cafu does not think so. He has still hope for the Brazilian poster boy. Neymar is more technically gifted than Lionel Messi.

The throne is waiting for him. But the king is not sure yet about his capability. Besides, the prince also does not want to take the throne right now. After Messi-Ronaldo, the Brazilian forward Neymar was about to take the throne. But at the age of 28, the PSG forward cannot do something extraordinary yet. Though at the age of 28, Messi-Ronaldo won everything in the football world.

The former Roma right-back Cafu thought that considering the football capability, Neymar is undefeated. So, his teammate used to give him extra load which causes Neymar so much. To the legendary Brazilian defender Cafu, Neymar is more technically gifted than Lionel Messi. In recent times, no one is ahead of Neymar considering the football techniques. Not even Messi. Though Cafu is a huge fan of Lionel Messi still, he is behind than Neymar.

But why he is behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi where he is far better than them with the football technique. To give an answer for that he has presented another side of the former Barcelona forward. Cafu does not see any player who can lead the Brazilian national team right now. No one is there who can tell Neyma,r do not do that or do it. No one can guide him right now. The rest of his teammates are giving the responsibility to the PSG key forward. But it is not going with him, Cafu thought. Neymar has many abilities but not the captaincy. It is something he wants but it is not in his personality. He does not stop Thiago Silva or Tite for any discussion. Because it is something that Neymar does not possess.

Though Cafu does not see any leading capability in Neymar but still, he hopes that the former Barcelona forward will win the FIFA World Cup someday. He thought that if someone will end the two decades of World Cup drought of Brazil, it will be Neymar. Yes, he told that to win the World Cup, Neymar is their best hope. When Neymar was on the ground, a total of eight opponent players used to be busy to keep him out of the ball. Neymar is the key player of the team no doubt.

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