Neymar-Vinicius could not save Brazil in Los Angeles

Brazil is the current Copa America champion and their recent performance is so inspiring. At least until the last match. The international break is ongoing and like all the team, Brazil is also taking part in the international friendly competitions. Earlier today, they played a friendly match against Peru. But, this time Neymar-Vinicius could not save Brazil in Los Angeles! Which means the current CA titleholder has faced the defeat.

Yes, same Peru which opponent was defeated in the Copa America 2019 final by a 3 – 1 goal against the host nation Brazil. Now, Peru has taken revenge though it was an international friendly match.

To find the net, Brazil boss Tite grounded Neymar, Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr, Lucas in the 2nd half but they failed to bring the glory. On the opposite way, in the end, the Copa America 2019 runner up found the net and left the ground with the victory.

At the Los Angeles, California earlier today Brazil has faced Peru in the International friendly competition where the CA runners up won by a 1 – 0 goal. In the 85th minute of the game, the only goal in the match was scored by Abram.

Brazil went ahead of Peru considering the ball possession and also the apprentices of Tite took more shots than their opponent. But, the champion of Latin America could not find the net. After the 2018 Russia World Cup, the current Copa America winner remained undefeated for 17 matches but they could not keep it continue. Tite did not ground Neymar, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva and a couple of top-rated players in the first eleven. The team was affected by them. So, since the beginning, Brazil’s playing system was not balanced.

In their last match when they faced Colombia, the PSG star scored a goal in the last moment and saved his team from the defeat. But on this day, Neymar-Vinicius could not save Brazil. In the last Copa America which was hosted in Brazil, the team of Tite beat Peru twice times. In the group round, Neymar’s team won by a 5 – 0 goal and in the final, Brazil grabbed the trophy by defeating Peru scoring 3 – 1 goal. However, against the five-time FIFA World Cup winner Brazil, Peru has found their 5th victory.