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Neymar’s Barcelona dream is getting narrower

Neymar's Barcelona dream is getting narrower

Before the new transfer window, once again, his name has come and so as Barcelona. But it seems that Neymar or Barcelona’s dream might not come true. Day by day, Neymar’s Barcelona dream is getting narrower.

From when the Brazilian star Neymar left Barcelona and joined at the Parc des princes, his name with Barcelona started to be heard more than ever. In every transfer window, the different news portal almost gives the confirmation of his moving to the Camp Nou. But still, now, he is playing for the French club.

Neymar filed a case against Barcelona and later, Barcelona also filed a case against the Brazilian forward. The relation between these two parties is not so well, it seems. But no one can fully ignore the other one. Still now, Neymar wants to return to the Camp Nou. On the other hand, Barcelona tried in the last season to bring him and failed. But now, it has been heard that Barcelona is taking preparation for placing the offer for him in front of the PSG’s table in the next summer transfer window.

In the last season, PSG demanded more than 200 million from Barcelona in exchange for Neymar but after buying Griezmann, they failed to bring Neymar in. But a few days ago, ESPN stated that in the next summer transfer window, PSG will let Neymar go in exchange for 150 million Euro so far. Though a few different news portals revealed that the sum is not less than 180 million. No, it is not only the obstacle to bring Neymar in for Barcelona. At the Parc des princes, Neymar is getting 70 million Euro every year. But the Catalan club is already standing on the danger point. If Neymar’s 70 million will be added there, they must release one or two stars from their squad.

Not only Neymar but to reduce the Messi dependency, Barcelona needs at least four more players right now. In that case, a striker is in great need. Barcelona is targetting the Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez. To bring him in, they have to spend 110 million Euros. So, if Neymar’s transfer will complete, it will be so tough for Barcelona to bring Lautaro at Camp Nou. Still, Barcelona got another choice. The German club LRB Leipzig star Timo Werner is also Barca’s choice. His price is comparatively lower than Martinez’s. But the German has fixed his eye on the Reds reportedly. So, after solving all the issues, it will be tough for Neymar to return to his former club it seems.

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