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Manchester United Choose Odion Ighalo to filling the gap of injured Marcus Rashford

Odion Ighalo to filling the gap of injured Marcus Rashford

Manchester United needed a clear response to injury from Marcus Rashford. The England national due to injury is eliminated from the game for several months and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had a lot of trouble filling the gap in the position of the striker. Finally, Manchester United on the last day of the winter transfer window was borrowed by a Nigerian – Odiona Ighalo. The club from the red part of Manchester was also interested in another unusual candidate because they were close to contracting Venezuela’s representative Salomon Rondon. So, Odion Ighalo became the first Nigerian player to play for Man Utd.

I think we all remember well how Manchester United authorities quite desperately wandered the last day of the transfer window around the market in order to find the right striker to get into Marcus Rashford’s place. In winter, it is very difficult, or even impossible because the top attackers are practically never available at this time. It is inevitable to search for players from the second or even third sort and in this profile, Odiona Ighalo perfectly fits.

The first candidate was Bournemouth striker Joshua King. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tried to lure a countryman to his team, but “Wisienki” set a prohibitive condition. Manchester United was ready to spend on the striker, who this season scored 3 goals, less than 25 million euros.

For the club from a seaside town, the offer presented was not enough, and Manchester United began to look for a cheaper solution. They moved their radars to distant where players from the past in the Premier League perform.

Manchester United has begun to stalk Salomon Rondon, who is currently playing for Dalian Professional FC. An experienced Venezuelan announced the backstage of negotiations during a conversation with journalists from The Athletic.

Salomon Rondon revealed that he had received information about Manchester United’s interest after a telephone conversation with his agent. The attacker from South America was waiting for further reports but sooner the news of the Ighalo contract reached him.

Something was wrong. There were rumors, very strong indeed. In the end, it could not be specified, and I must focus on Dalian. I didn’t have control over it. It means a lot to be associated with Manchester United. They have a great story. This must mean that they think I did well in the Premier League. They started talking to my agent and I was just waiting on the phone for a decision, maybe a sign from lawyers, but then I saw that the contract was signed by  Ighalo. Negotiations did not reach the stage of submitting the formal offer, but I think it was really close.

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