OFFICIAL: Arsenal broke his purchase record for Nicolas Pepe

I wonder what Arsene Wenger would say if his Arsenal spent 80 million euros on a guy who has not been convinced by any major club so far. And that’s what the Londoners did, who decided to spend a heavily stuffed on Nicolas Pepe. Now officially Arsenal broke his purchase record for Nicolas Pepe.

This transfer has been talked about for a few days but as you know rumors of this type are rumors until they find official confirmation. All the more so in England, where transfers do not usually belong to the most-logically-spent money.

Nicolas Pepe was a very hot morsel on the summer market because it can be said that in France only Kylian Mbappe lost last season. 22 goals and 11 winger assist Ligue 1 could have aroused respect. So Arsenal decided to do what Bayern did not do and they brought the Ivorian Pepe back to them. Lille somehow should not complain about the money.

Although, Arsenal broke his purchase record which so far was less than 64 million euros for another African – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Gabon. It is a copy. Pepe will play at The Emirates Stadium with number 19 and if nothing unexpected happens, London fans (Arsenal Fan)  will have to endure it until at least 2024.

What is Unai Emery, the Arsenal trainer?

Nicolas is a very respected and talented winger who many clubs in Europe wanted. Acquiring such a player was one of our main goals in this transfer window and I am delighted that he joined us. It will give us pace, strength and creativity, and the goal will be to get as many goals as possible through our team.

And  good luck! We do not want quick acclimation because now the speed in Arsenal will certainly not be missing.