OFFICIAL: Footballers Club acquisitions of numbers changes on the shirts

For respect to our title we will explain about two players. One has left the Premier League, the other is still in it.The point is that they were the authors of quite loud changes or acquisitions of numbers on the shirts in their leagues. The fans were waiting for it and they were looking for confirmation, some thought that these numbers just belong to these players. but Officially Footballers Club acquisitions of numbers changes on the shirts.

Speech about Eden Hazard – Real Madrid recently confirmed that Belgian passing from Chelsea will perform in the capital of Spain with number 7. Certainly it is better than Mariano Diaz. is’n it?

In the Premier League, from which Hazard moved to Madrid, the fans also got back to an important number. Anthony Martial, who was forcibly ripped out after one season number 9 and given to Zlatan Ibrahimovici (and later taken over by Romelu Lukaku), then handed 11.

Now Anthony Martial returns to his old number. Lukaku and Zlatan are no more, so there is no obstacle for United’s last hope of attack to return to the number nine on his back.