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OFFICIAL: Patrick Evra is finishing her career from professional football

officially Patrick Evra is finishing her career from professional football

After 20 years spent on professional football, Patrice Evra decided to end her career. The player who did not have the status of a star, reached for the most precious trophies. now officially Patrick Evra is finishing her career.

A sense of humor, uncompromising but also impudence. Three words are enough to describe Patrick Evra, who for the past 20 years has been casting the position of left defender in the three best leagues in the world.

He began his entire adventure with football in Paris Saint Germain of which he is a foster child. From there, he moved to Italy where he played in the lower leagues, representing teams Marsala 1912 and Monza Calcio. After four years he decided to return to France. There he joined the ranks of Nice, from where he set sail for wide waters.

In just two seasons, he was interested in Monaco which paid 4 million euros for Evra. In the country famous for the Formula 1 street race, he played in 163 official meetings and the great attitude in Ligue 1, aroused interest of Manchester United.

He came to Manchester United in 2006 and it was with the entry into the ranks of the Manchester United that the most beautiful chapter in his career began. In the team led by Sir Alex Ferguson and then David Moyes, he played 379 meetings, including 40 assists.

During the adventures in Manchester United, 5 British Championships, 3 English League Cups and the most important of all – the trophy for winning the Champions League went to his showcase. The period spent in the team of the Manchester ended in 2014 and the Juventus service was used by the Frenchman. In Italy, he was again the basic player of his team, crediting his third account with 3 Italian championships and a triple crown from the 2015/16 season.

After leaving Italy, he decided to catch another family France, where for half a year he was a player of Olympique de Marseille. At the end of his career, he decided to return to England, spending three months there in West Ham. After a year of fruitless research, he decided end his career and look for another job.

In addition to his club career, he also has a rich history related to the representation of France. He made his debut in the “Trojkolorowe” team in 2004, still as a player of AS Monaco. Since then, 81 meetings have accumulated on his account, which did not bring any triumphs and the adventure with the national team ends with empty hands.

The figure of the left defender was for many people very controversial. We perfectly remember the situation that took place during his appearances in the Premier League. During one of the duels the scandal broke out, after which Luis Suarez did not give his hand to the Frenchman.

A few years later, it became loud again. As an Olympique Marseille player, he attacked one of his team’s supporters uncompromisingly, displaying eastern martial arts on him. Going in the footsteps of Eric Cantona did not bring him boasting and he left France quite quickly.

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