OFFICIAL: Arsenal gets rid of defender Nacho Monreal

English clubs had a much shorter transfer window compared to teams from other leagues and during this time they focused only on buying. Now is the time to sell. Lots of teams are getting rid of unnecessary players and sometimes even relatively useful ones. Manchester United has already carried out such purges, Tottenham is trying to do it and Arsenal has joined this noble group. We can say that Officially Arsenal gets rid of defender Nacho Monreal.

Nacho Monreal, who is now a full player of Real Sociedad, got rid of him for good. The club announced that it had reached full agreement with the Londoners and the footballer himself.

It will be officially presented during the Monday press conference. How much was it? It is not known exactly but according to Spanish media reports they were “worse” not exceeding one million euros.

This is a good transfer for Monreal but not necessarily for Arsenal. “Gunners” practically did not earn anything on it and yet they lost a player who would be very useful in the long season.

Primary defenders won’t be able to play forever after all, so the lack of a Spaniard will one day be a hit. May it be as painless as possible.