OFFICIAL: Coutinho on loan 8.5 million euros with a buyout 120 million euros

Officially, what has been announced for several days Philippe Coutinho will not bother with his attitude of Barcelona supporters. He is taking it on in the 2019/2020 season Bayern Munich. Officially Coutinho on loan 8.5 million euros with a buyout 120 million euros these are the most important issues of the Brazilian’s contract with the German champion and Bayern has a second winger.

Coutinho’s 21 goals for Barcelona and also 11 assists. The man that Juergen Klopp built in Liverpool (but somehow started with Barcelona, Coutinho has already struggled with him). A talented player who unfortunately bounced back from Barcelona.

He did not meet the requirements of this club. He was supposed to win the Champions League with Barcelona, ​​Although, his former club won it.

In addition, after what happened at Anfield in the semi-final rematch, it was Coutinho who could feel really awkward.

However, now he would like to bounce back. Is Bayern Munich a good place to do it? Well, James Rodriguez was there for two seasons. He helped Bayern but mainly at the league level.

However, simply Coutinho is option B because Leroy Sane could not be pulled out. Is this a good option B? We would like every club to be able to consider option B Philippe Coutinho.

It remains to be seen that with Niko Kovac this man will curse the same 100% normal again as with Klopp. The worse it will be then testify of Ernesto Valverde.