OFFICIAL: Franck Ribery will play in Serie A for Fiorentina

It was certain that Franck Ribery would not extend the contract with Bayern Munich. We were convinced that he would go on a well-deserved active football retirement. Clubs from the Arabian Peninsula, the United States or China would embrace him with open arms and he should fall into these arms. However, he proves to us that he wants to still play football seriously which is why Officially Franck Ribery will play in Serie A for Fiorentina.

Today it has been officially presented in the colors of Fiorentina. Finalizing this move has been talked about for a few good days and although the transfer seemed strange at first.

The quick negotiations showed that these were not finger-sucked rumors. Fiorentina did not even decide to officially confirm the length of the contract but it should not be assumed that it was signed for more than 24 months. Ribery is finally older.

Nevertheless, he is still a very valuable player and can give Fiorentina a lot. He will not reach for trophies with Fiorentina but he can put his feet to promotion to European cups and to the development of several young stars who are currently in Fiorentina. One of them is Federico Chiesa who will learn the most from the French’s teachings.