on penalties 6-5 Tottenham Hotspur won the Audi Cup 2019

A new English Premier League season is coming up and it will be the 28th season of EPL officially. English Premier League is the most popular league football competition in the World and there are top-rated European clubs based on England used to take part. Tottenham Hotspur is also one of the Big teams in EPL and ahead of the new upcoming season, they are taking preparation very carefully. They are now passing the pre-season schedule and as a part of the pre-season competition, they have taken part in the Pre-season tournament Audi Cup 2019. And according to the latest news, the Champions League finalist Tottenham Hotspur won the Audi Cup 2019!

Tottenham Hotspur which used to be regarded as one of most potential teams in the Premier League every season. Considering the last season, they finished by standing on the 4th position. They were 27 points behind than the top-ranked team Manchester City. The Spurs which has not taken the Premier League trophy yet but day are getting closer gradually.

For the coming season, Tottenham is preparing themselves harder than before. And they are taking the club-friendly matches seriously. So, they are getting the result in hand. Before entering the main EPL competition, the Spurs will play one more friendly match and it will be against Italian club Inter Milan in ICC 2019.

However, when we consider the Audi Cup, it is a pre-season friendly tournament just like the International Champions Cup (ICC) but only four teams used to take part here. The tournament is the origin of Germany and German club Bayern Munich is the most successful team by winning the highest three titles of Audi Cup.

2019 Audi Cup is the 6th edition and Tottenham reached the final by defeating Spanish club Real Madrid and Bayern Munich reached the final by destroying Turkish club Fenerbache. Now, in the final of the 2019 Audi Cup, Premier League club Tottenham beat the Bundesliga champion Bayern through the penalty shootout.

Earlier today at the Allianz Arena, Munich, the final of the Audi Cup took place between Tottenham and Bayern. The Spurts went two goals ahead of the German club but after the 60th minute of the game, Bayern turned around and repaid two goals.

So, after the end of the selected times, the scoreline was a 2 – 2. The match went to the tie-breaker. Out of the first five shots, Spurs missed one and also Bayern missed one. So, later, English club found the net twice times in the next two shots but Bayern missed the 2nd. So, Tottenham Hotspur won the Audi Cup title for the first time.