Ousmane Dembele has been ruled out from Barca squad for five weeks

Yes, French forward Ousmane Dembele has been ruled out from Barca squad. No, he has not been sold but facing injury and so, he is going to miss a number of matches for the Spanish giants Barcelona. Earlier today, Barcelona revealed the news on their official website.

The injury problem is increasing at the Camp Nou. And the latest addition is, due to the ham-strong injury, French forward Ousmane Dembele has been ruled out from the ground for at least five weeks. An injury has been found into his left leg muscle.

However, now after the news, Barca coach would face some problems to make his eleven in their next match no doubt. Because the top star of the team as well as the captain Lionel Messi has not been grounded in the new season for the same injury reason. And later, another striker of the team Luis Suarez is also suffering from an injury and now, they cannot count the French star Dembele as well. 

After the last season, the Argentine left foot magician has not played for the Catalan club yet but after returning from his summer vacation, when he started his practice session with his team, Messi faced some trouble into his leg muscle. And during the match against Athletic Bilbao where the current La Liga champion barca was defeated by a 1 – 0 goal, the Uruguayan forward Suarez was taken in the middle of the game due to injury. 

Now, before the upcoming September when the International break will come, there is no chance of getting back the Uruguayan forward. But there is good news that in the upcoming match of the Catalan club which will take place in next Sunday against Real Betis, Barcelona would get their captain Lionel Messi back.

However, Barcelona has bought Antoine Griezmann from the Atletico in the summer transfer window and also desperate to bring back Neymar from Paris Saint Germain. But the deal has not gone well yet. So, in the upcoming La Liga match against Real Betis, Messi and Griezmann should pair up well and lead the team to their first victory in the season. Barcelona which team could not start like the champion but faced the defeat in their inaugural match. They have no alternative right now except Messi and Griezmann and it would be their very first match together.