Pep Guardiola is not thinking of eight points

Pep Guardiola is the current boss of Manchester City who is a former Spanish professional football player. He was not quite successful or renowned in his professional playing career but when he switched his career from the playing position to the coaching, he started to become famous. In recent times, if we consider the best coaches in the World in football, the Spaniard will be placed there definitely. After becoming the coach of Manchester City, he led the team to the last two consecutive Premier League titles. Now, he has a chance of winning the title for the hat-trick times. But in the new season, they have gone behind than Liverpool which team is holding the top position. Man City is already eight points behind than the Reds. But, reportedly Pep Guardiola is not thinking of eight points!

I the beginning of the English Premier League this season, Man City is holding the 2nd position but still, they have 8 points behind than the top-ranked holder team Liverpool. But the coach of the team does not want to think of it much.

At the home venue of Manchester United named Etihad Stadium, against Wolves Man City was defeated by a 2 – 0 goal yesterday. So, they have gone eight points behind than the Reds. In the new era of Premier League, after finishing the first eight rounds, it is the highest difference between the two top-ranked clubs.

If we look back, in the season of 2014/15, Chelsea was five points ahead after the eight rounds which were the highest difference and in that season, the Blues won the Premier League title. But however, Man City manager Pep Guardiola is not focusing on that but wants to move forward.

Guardiola also stated that he knows that the differences are big. For different reasons, the Reds did not lose points in the new season. So, they are eight points ahead but right now it is better not to focus on that. It is only October and there are plenty of matches in hand.

In the last season, there was a time when Man City was 10 points behind than Liverpool and it was after the 19th round. And finally, Man City successfully reduced the goal difference and gathering one more point, they grabbed the Premier League title. They have a chance of reducing the difference by winning two legs against Liverpool. In the upcoming 10th November at the Anfield, the first leg between these two clubs will be executed.