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Pep Guardiola praised the Argentine star legend Aguero

Pep Guardiola praised the Argentine star legend Aguero

Sergio Aguero is the Argentina striker and currently playing for the Premier League champion Manchester City. He has become of the most successful players in the history of the Premier League. Earlier yesterday, the 31 years old striker made an amazing hat-trick in the Premier League competition against Aston Villa. Based on his three goals, Man City destroyed Aston Villa by a 6 - 1 goal. After the match, Pep Guardiola praised the Argentine star ‘legend’ Aguero!

Against Aston Villa, Aguero’s amazing hat-trick helped him to make two records in the Premier League. So, the Man City boss Guardiola praised his favorite apprentice. At the opponent’s venue, the current champion of the Premier League managed a wonderful big victory. Before the break, Aguero started the goal celebration and in the 2nd half, he filled up his hat-trick.


The Argentine living legend started the match with 174 goals but after his 2nd goal against Aston Villa, as the foreign player, he has made the record of scoring the highest number of goals. Earlier, the French legend Thierry Henry grabbed the record. He scored a total of 175 goals and stood on the top position. But now, the Argentine forward Sergio Aguero is holding the record so far.

At the same time, Aguero has promoted to the 4th position and jointly holds that considering the all-time top scorers in the Premier League. Aguero has scored a total of 177 goals including his last hat-trick. At his same 4th position, the former Chelsea midfielder and their current boss Frank Lampard is also taken place. With the 260 goals, Alan Shearer is holding the top position still. It seems that Aguero might not catch him so soon but might probably take the 2nd position which is currently grabbed by Wayne Rooney. He scored a total of 208 goals so far.

But in one place, the Argentine has overtaken all in the EPL. In the history of the Premier League, he has achieved the highest 12th hat-trick. No place could be able to make more hat-tricks than him. Alan Shearer who grabbed the record earlier with 11 hat-tricks so far.

Now, he is standing in the 2nd position. In recent times, the football players who are playing in his time, his nearest opponent is the Tottenham Hotspur captain Harry Kane. The English striker has scored a total of 8 hat-tricks so far. Considering all the competitions, the all-time top scorer of the club Sergio Aguero is happy at the Etihad Stadium, Pep Guardiola believes.

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