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Philippe Coutinho cannot sleep well at night

Philippe Coutinho cannot sleep well at night

The former Chelsea midfielder Emmanuel Petit thinks that Coutino must regrets now for leaving his Premier League club. And it seems that Philippe Coutinho cannot sleep well at night. Because of his mistake.

Philippe Coutinho’s decision of leaving the Anfield for the Catalan club was not correct but completely wrong, now he has realized perhaps. After so many efforts, by breaking the heart of the Reds, the Brazilian attacking midfielder moved to the Nou Camp. He moved there making a record transfer but was able to stay there just for a season and a half. Later, Barca has sent him to the Bundesliga side Bayern Munich for a loan season. Wearing the German club’s shirt, Coutinho sometimes played well but not even close as expected.


Liverpool first did not want to let the Brazilian attacking midfielder go but for the big amount and Coutinho’s pressure, they let him go. With the money they got after selling Coutinho, Liverpool bought the Dutch defender Van Dijk and the Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson. In their first year, the Reds won the Champions League title and missed the Premier League title only for a little. If all things will go as planned, they will taste the Premier League title this season. 

But after the dream transfer, the professional career of Coutinho has become so dark. At the Camp Nou, he got plenty of chances but failed to prove him in front of the audience. After leaving the Premier League side, the Brazilian winger played more than 100 matches but scored only 30 goals so far. And the same Coutinho who played at the Anfield is fully absent now.

Just like the Brazilian star Coutinho, Emmanuel Petit left the Premier League club Arsenal for the Spanish giants Barcelona. The former French footballer left the Gunners when the club started to regain their former glory. But he was just able to stay at the Camp Nou for a season only. With an empty hand, he returned to the Premier League side once again. During the golden time of Arsenal, Emmanuel Petit could not wear a redshirt. 

So now, Petit thinks that the Brazilian star is also regretting just like him. He also added that if he was in the place of Coutinho, every morning after waking up from the sleep, he would question himself why he moved to the Spanish competition? Why? Why Petit told that? Because when he was at Camp Nou, he asked himself just like that.

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