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Jordan Pickford says criticism does not affect him “Everyone Hates Us”

Pickford says English players are the easiest target to criticize

We had an unusual situation last weekend. Only four matches have been planned as part of the Premier League of which only three have been played. One of the matches that were played was the duel between Everton and Crystal Palace. Carlo Ancelotti’s team managed to beat their rivals 3- 1, but Jordan Pickford again did not keep a clean sheet. The England representative made a big mistake at the goal but the Englishman tried to defend himself after the match. Jordan Pickford says English players are the easiest target to criticize.

Everton’s goalkeeper is again on the headlines mainly thanks to his stance at Christian Benteke’s goal. The Belgian hit the Pickford goal flat but the goalkeeper only let his shot go through the ground in the only way he knew. Thus, the former Liverpool striker scored his first goal this season, and the Goodison Park scoreboard showed a draw. As a result, the hosts picked up a set of points and approached the place guaranteeing performance in the Europa League.

Immediately after the meeting, he did not hide his disappointment with his gigantic mistake, calling it simply – “disgusting”. Since picking up the World Championships, which were extremely successful for the English, Jordan Pickford was not the first to show his carelessness in his own penalty area.

Words of criticism reach the goalkeeper, he could not stand and take everything that lay on his liver. There were fans and television experts. According to Pickford, English players are the easiest target to criticize.

It seems to me that the press and television experts are just constantly hitting English footballers. Everyone is putting pressure on us and at the same time making fun of us. Apparently this is part of being a footballer from England. You just have to learn to live with it. Only we are able to sort out our affairs, so all negative thoughts must be chased out of our minds.

However, he forgot about the specifics of his profession. After a good performance you are glorified and tossed up, but after a fatal mistake, you get blows from virtually every possible side.  It would be best for Jordan Pickford to concentrate fully on training because the boulevard press often caught him during a night tour of the city.

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