Pjanic-Cristiano secured the Old Lady’s victory against SPAL

Italian giants Juventus which is the current champion of Serie A found another victory in the new season of Serie A. For a few moments, they are grabbing the top position but it seems that Inter Milan will take it from them after the end of the 6th round. Pjanic-Cristiano secured the Old Lady’s victory against SPAL! Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo once again found the net which was assisted by the Argentine forward Dybala. Through the goal of Pjanic, the Old Lady took the lead and in the 2nd half, the Portuguese star increased the goal difference. In the whole time of the game, Juventus kept their dominance continue on SPAL and found the 3rd Serie A victory consecutively.

At the Juventus Stadium, earlier today the 6th round of Serie took place between Juventus and SPAL. The Old Lady won the match by a 2 – 0 goal. At the end of the first half, Juventus started to make several attacks and the opponent team was fully corned and finally, in the 45th minute of the game, they found the net. They were about to make the difference earlier but the guest team’s saviour was their new goalkeeper Berisha.

In the 19th minute, the volley of CR7 was stopped in exchange for the corner. In the 35th minute, the shot of Dybala was also stopped by the Albanian goalkeeper. In the 43rd minute, he stopped an amazing shot of Ramsey and saved his team. But two minutes later, he could not save his team more time. From outside of the box, Pjanic took a high shot that found the net. In the last week, the Old Lady won against Brescia where the Bosnian midfielder scored the match-winning goal. In the 9th minute of the 2nd half, Khedira escaped the defenders and went into the box but missed the chance. Within a few minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo also missed two chances. Finally, in the 78th minute, the Portuguese forward found the net.

From the left side, Argentine winger Dybala made the cross and Ronaldo head it to the net. In the ongoing league, it was the 3rd goal of the former Real Madrid player. In the new season of Serie A, Juventus got 5th victory and gathered 16 points. They are standing on the 2nd position where Inter Milan is holding the top position so far.