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Without the audience, Premier League victory will be strange – Jordan Henderson

Without the audience Premier League victory will be strange

After passing the three decades of the league trophy drought, Liverpool is going to lift the Premier League title. we can say it as a certain thing. They are 25 points ahead of the 2nd-ranked team already. But the Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson thinks that without the audience, Premier League victory will be strange. 

Liverpool won their last league title in the season 1989/90 and after that, they failed to lift. And in the era of the Premier League, they have not tasted the league title yet. In the ongoing season, it was a great chance for the team of Klopp to lift it for the first time. And if the situation was normal, they could have tasted the Premier League title already. 

But the outbreak of the Coronavirus has changed all the things. The postponing league might return to the ground once again, the current situation tells that. So, the dream of tasting the league title of the Reds has come again.

The Premier League authorities are hopeful of resuming the Premier League season from the next June once again. But the matches will be placed at the empty stadiums. In recent times, to BBC Radio-5, the Reds captain Jordan Henderson has given an interview. There he has spoken about the empty stadiums several times.

Obviously, it will be a different feeling. Because winning a trophy without the presence of the audience will be too strange. Than the 2nd-ranked team Manchester  City, Liverpool have already gone 25 points ahead and grabbing the top position. The nine rounds are in hand in the league. If the Reds manages two more victories, the EPL 2019/20 trophy will be received by the Reds without any calculations. It will be their first EPL title. 

Yes, they are too close to fulfilling their dream but still, the captain of the team Jordan Henderson is too careful. The league has not ended yet. So, the task of the Reds is left still. Before completing the season, they will have to give their best.

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