PSG wants to put on Kai Havertz to replace Neymar

If you are a young German who is developing very well, want to conquer the Bundesliga and is not yet playing in Bayern Munich, then you can be sure that sooner or later you will perform in his colors. Kai Havertz, who became the leading figure of Bayer Leverkusen is well aware of this, despite barely 20 years old. Bayern immediately applied for him and it seemed that he had a deal with him and his employer. However, as it turns out, there is no consensus yet and some big club from abroad wants to take advantage of it. According to news, PSG wants to put on Kai Havertz to replace Neymar.

Title of the twitte – The PSG is among the contenders of Kai Havertz, according to Calciomercato

Specifically, Paris-Saint Germain.PSG are allegedly very interested in German and are determined to win him without looking at the cost. These will also not be small because Havertz is in excellent shape and if he confirms it this season, its value will shoot into space. The source says that PSG must prepare for an expenditure of at least EUR 100 million. Smaller offers are not even sent to Leverkusen.

Therefore, they probably won’t. PSG are not in a situation where they can spend such money on individual players unless they order another sale or finally get rid of Neymar.

In addition, even if they convince Bayer Leverkusen money, they still have to persuade the player himself. However,  if he only has a head on his neck and so far it seems that she is in place, he will choose Bayern Munich. It will be easier for him to stay in the country and grow in the best Bundesliga team. To leave PSG would be too risky but Germans are pragmatists.