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Real Madrid has become the most valuable club once again

Real Madrid has become the most valuable club once again

Though the ground’s performance did not affect Real’s financial sector. For the consecutive 2nd time, the most successful Spanish club Real Madrid has become the most valuable club once again.

Real Madrid is the most successful European club but it seems that they might wanna forget the season 2018/29. Under the guidance of the French boss Zinedine Zidane, RealMadrid just tasted their 3rd consecutive Champions League title. But Zidane took his leave from the Bernabeu. Just a few days later, the Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo followed him. Which means, he left the club as well. Real Madrid became too vulnerable and ruled out from all three competitions of the season in the beginning.

The famous financial advising organization KPMG used to leaked the European Slite every year. And it has remained the same this time. Considering the earnings, popularity, promise, broadcasting rights, stadiums, and success, the organization KPMG used to fix the value of the clubs.

Earlier yesterday, KPMG has revealed the list of the European Elite 2020. And, according to their data, the most successful European club Real Madrid is holding the top position with the highest value of 347 crores 80 lakh Euro. Like the Los Blancos, the Red Devils have also kept their 2nd position.

In the year 2019, the Spanish champion Barcelona was in the 4th position. But they just got promoted to the 3rd position. With the 319 crores 30 lakh current value, they are in the 3rd position. Yes, the German club Bayern Munich’s value has increased than the last year but still, they are demoted to the 4th position.

After winning the Champions League, Liverpool is dominating in the Premier League as well. It seems that after passing the last 30 years trophy drought, Liverpool is going to win their first Premier League title. This time considering the European Elite 2020 statistics, they have overtaken Manchester City and Chelsea. And, the team of Klopp is holding the 5th position as we speak.

Their current value is 265 crores and 80 lakh Euro. The current Premier League champion Manchester City is holding the 6th position. KPMG has found five crores and 20 lakh Euro less value of the Citizens than the Reds. And the Blues are holding the 7th position.

Into the top ten, just two clubs’ value has reduced. Tottenham Hotspur is on the 8th position and the Ligue 1 champions Paris Saint Germain is on the 9th position so far. Like the city rival, Arsenal’s value has reduced as well. They are on the 10th position with the reported value of 185 crores and 20 lakh Euro. And the Italian club Juventus has not been included in the top ten. Their current value is 173 crores and 50 lakh Euro.

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