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Real Madrid has found the new Ronaldo – Victor Sanchez

Real Madrid has found the new Ronaldo

Real Madrid got an amazing victory against Barcelona in their last La Liga match. It is undoubtedly a great achievement if we considering their broken situation in recent times. The victory against Barcelona must give them confidence. But the former Real Madrid midfielder Victor Sanchez thought that Real Madrid has found the new Ronaldo.

After the departure of the Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid has not found any perfect alternative of the Juve striker yet. Sometimes, many players tried to fill his gap but after one or two matches magic, they went dim. There are two groups here. One group says, Real has found and the other group says the gap is not filed up yet. But according to many, after the departure of Cristiano, Real Madrid has become more united as the team. 


Earlier, they depend on the Portuguese forward most of the cases. But now, the tendency has gone. Benzema, Kroos, Isco, Modric, Vinicius are trying to play their own own roles in every match. Besides, in the last summer transfer, Zidane brought the Belgium star Hazard. Though the attacking midfielder is still out of the ground for the injury. But when he will come from the injury, if he judges his talent, he will become a gem of the club Real Madrid no doubt.

But the former star midfielder of the most successful Spanish club Victor Sanchez has revealed his own opinion in that case. To him, Real Madrid already found the perfect alternatives of the former Man United striker Cristiano Ronaldo. The new Ronaldo is the Brazilian young talent Vinicius Junior who was brought from the Brazilian club Santos in the last season. And the former Real Betis manager has provided the logic behinds his demand. 

If we consider the statistics of the Brazilian Vinicius, he has scored eight goals in his first two seasons. Now, when we look at Cristiano’s data, CR7 scored eleven goals in his first two seasons. So, considering the statistics, he has got a clear view of the future of the Brazilian forward Vinicius Junior. At the age of Vinicius, Cristiano was almost like him who made some dribble and escaped the opponents’ defenders regularly.

But also, the former Real Madrid player has warned the young Brazilian Vinicius. If he will not possess the same desperation as Cristiano, he will get no chance to touch his fame for sure. Cristiano worked very hard and has come to the current condition. Now, it’s time for the Brazilian Vinicius to prove. But the Brazilian has got a positive sign. He is playing for the best club in the football world where the professional players are playing alongside him. So, he will get good chances to develop his talents.

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