Real Madrid tested the first defeat in La Liga against Mallorca

Real Madrid is one of the two most popular football clubs in the World and also won the highest numbers of La Liga title. They could not win La Liga title since a couple of years and their performance in the Spanish league competition was not so good. But in the new season, they grabbed the top position on the La Liga point table for few weeks but yesterday, they have lost their top position but demoted to the 2nd position so far. And for the first time in the new season, Barcelona, the current La Liga champion is holding the top rank. Along with that Real Madrid tested the first defeat in La Liga against Mallorca!

Mallorca which is the most lower-ranked team in the Spanish league and after six seasons, they have been promoted to the La Liga and against a team like that the Spanish giants have been stumbled. For the injuries, a number of regular players were not in the squad and so, their game was so affected. The apprentices of Zidane were not balanced on the ground and so, the local team Mallorca went ahead at the beginning. In the rest of the times, they secured the net successfully and gave the Spanish giants the test of their first defeat in the new season.

After the year of 2009, it is the very first victory of Mallorca against Real Madrid and if we consider the Spanish league, after 2006, they won against Real Madrid for the first time at their home venue. In the 2nd minute of the game, Real Madrid took the first shot. But the weak shot of Isco was refused by the goalkeeper easily. In the 7th minute of the game, the local team got the first chance and went ahead.

Lago was passed and went into the box so aggressively. With the speedy shot, he found the net. In the 14th minute of the game, Budimir found the net once against but the referee signed it as the off-side.

The young Brazilian forward Vinicius Junior played well and tried to find the net but could not find finally. If we consider the whole game, Real Madrid took a total of thirteen shots and four of them were on the target. In return, Mallorca took a total of five shots and just one was on the target.