Real will face Villarreal in 3rd round of La Liga

Real Madrid is a Spanish club and if we call them the most successful European club, it would not be so wrong. They have won the highest number of Spanish La Liga and UEFA Champions League titles. But in the last season, their performance was too bad. Some players of Real also believed that it was the worst season of Real Madrid. They could not win any single trophy in last season. Not because of just trophy but also they could not get near to it also. Now, the new season of La Liga has started and Real Madrid already played two rounds in the season. They made their journey by facing the big victory against Celta de Vigo by a 3 – 1 goal but in their 2nd round, Real Madrid was stumbled. Real will face Villarreal in 3rd round of La Liga.

The 2nd round of Real Madrid in La Liga was hosted at their home venue Santiago Bernabeu but still, it could not bring them luck. Real Madrid was ahead in every sector against Real Valladolid in the 2nd round of La Liga but still, they had to wait till the 82nd minute for the goal. Still, they could not secure the match but just six minutes later, Real Valladolid returned to the game when Guardiola scored a goal for the guest team.

Zinedine Zidane is the former French professional football player and now, he is the main coach of the Spanish giants. After winning the three consecutive Champions League titles at the Santiago Bernabeu, Zidane left his position from Real Madrid.

But when he saw the poorest performance of Real in the last season, Real Madrid’s President Perez once again requested him to take his place back and the Frenchman returned. Now, he is desperate to bring the former glory at the Santiago Bernabeu. In that case, the draw against Real Valladolid is a shock to him. He still believes that Real Madrid deserved more.

Real Madrid played comparatively better against Real Valladolid in the 2nd round of La Liga but still, they lost points. So, Zidane is quite disappointed. At the home venue, Real Madrid deserved three points, he believes.

Zidane faced the press briefing earlier where he stated that at the end, they have the worst experience. Real Madrid did the hardest thing by scoring a goal at the end of the 2nd half but just a couple of minutes later, the opponent team scored a goal as well. The situation was hard but they deserved more. Now, they have to accept it.