Rivaldo claims Messi deserves the Golden Ball

Lionel Messi with the Golden Ball? You know, looking at the 2018/2019 season, there was a moment when we thought it was almost certain.but except the league performance, everything collapsed. .In fact, he was pulling this team to a point. But also in June, he poured a cup of bitterness. What she put away Argentina what Messi showed from the image side will not be forgotten. And it will affect the vote if the trend continues until November – December. But  Rivaldo – a Brazilian who played in Barcelona – think Messi deserves the Golden Ball.

According to Goal(dot)com Rivaldo expressed his opinion, which from a certain point of view does not sound controversial. It is true that Messi wears on his shoulders but did not leave it on the bank, he did not leave the table for a lower place.

His 51 goals (including important goals on which Rivaldo focuses in his speech) ensured in all competitions promotions to the Champions League semi-finals, the King’s Cup final, as well as another title of the Spanish champion. Some may also add the Spanish Super Cup and count it as a modest doublet.

But we know that these are not Barcelona’s ambitions. This is not Messi’s ambition – 4 years without winning the Champions League, almost 4 years without winning the Golden Ball.

Rivaldo stressed that the Golden Ball is an individual prize. We would add that the popularity of Barcelona is also in favor of Messi but it is known that this is not the only point. Nobody, Messi, receives his glory. Only that honestly looking at the ball will say that something has gone wrong in Messi for the last two months.

as if he sensed that something was slipping out of his hands but as if he had become accustomed to the fact that again there were no other voices about him than just “MESSI GOAT”.

Of course, he was asked how to compare it with Ronaldo. He replied quite trivially that each of the two makes a difference, shoots important goals etc. Of course, it was also noted that Cristiano makes a difference in Juventus and in the representation of Portugal with whom he won the League of Nations.

However, the name Virgil van Dijk was not mentioned which everyone still pushes at least to the first two plebiscite. After all, we give you the opinion of Rivaldo. And we give up with our types.