Rivaldo suggested Messi to take rest a few more days

Rivaldo is a football legend and once played for Barcelona. He sometimes suggested his former club. And now, according to the news, Rivaldo suggested Messi to take rest a few more days!

Against Inter Milan which was the last match of Barcelona in the new season of the Champions League, Messi was not completely fit. But still, he played a vital role and led his team to the victory at the Camp Nou. After returning from the injury, he presented the hits of returning his destructive form. And now, Barcelona is going to play their next match in La Liga. As usual, they are counting their best forward before the match. But still, Rivaldo thinks that the Argentine star should take rest for few more days.

Lionel Messi was not in the squad for the first few rounds in la Liga. Excluding him, Barcelona suffered for victory and also failed to start the new season as the champion. Now, Messi has returned and so, the Barcelona manager would not want to color his squad excluding the skipper for sure.

According to the Brazilian legend Rivaldo, LM10 just recovered from his injury which affected him for a long time. So, before making any appearances, he should take a break and should come to the ground when he will be completely fit.

In the new season, Lionel Messi played his first 90 minutes game against Inter Milan in the Champions League. He was brilliant. He assisted the match-winning goal. Though he was not t fit but still Barca boss praised him a lot. Also, the performance of Messi against Inter Milan was eye-catchy, according to Rivaldo. But, becoming completely fit, Messi needs to take rest for a few more days, he believes. He is very happy to see him play complete 90 minutes though he was not completely fit. The former Brazilian attacking midfielder stated that Messi is gradually returning his best form.

Against Inter Milan, Messi played an important role and helped his team to get the victory. He once again proved that at his age, he needs to be more careful. Obviously he should take rest sometimes for regaining his previous strength back. The form when he would not be afraid of getting the ball from his opponent. Messi is very important for the Catalan club and especially when he is in his best form.