Robert Lewandowski demand transfers and more quality on the Bayern bench

Whether you like it or not, Robert Lewandowski is not just an ordinary footballer but a great brand. In Germany he enjoys great respect and every word that sounds even slightly more controversial is immediately quoted by all sports media. It was the time, Robert Lewandowski demand transfers and more quality on the Bayern bench.

As you probably know, Bayern Munich lost yesterday to Borussia Dortmund 0: 2 in the match for the German Super Cup. The Bavarians presented themselves very average and for the most part of the match they were not able to seriously threaten the BVB goal even though they were not able to take ball most of the time.

Borussia was more specific, more reliable, more effective, which is also influenced by a much wider team of German runners-up. The Borussia Dortmunds struggled with several injuries and they were able to put up a strong squad with some interesting substitutes – unlike Bayern who with a few absentees had to combine like a empty filled.

Lewandowski was invisible in this match, perfectly covered by BVB defenders and after the match he did not fail to say a few interesting words:

My opinion is still the same. We need more players who would immediately contribute something to our team. We need more quality on the bench.

Sure, we have many young and talented players, but we need someone who will immediately give the team an impulse.

In the second half, after losing the first goal, we were not fully convinced that we would be able to reverse the game. I think it was the same mistake we made a year ago. Whenever we lose a goal, we continue our game, but without full confidence that we will achieve a favorable result.

There are plenty of happy comments in Munich recently, so all you have to do is wait for the Bayern bosses. A few days ago, we almost sure of the transfer of Leroy Sane for which he was rebuked mainly by Bayern Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. What will they do with Lewandowski? Will they do anything at all?