Ronald Koeman admits he can take over the club after Valverde

It is difficult to find a Barcelona supporter who would say with a clear conscience that he is happy with Ernesto Valverde’s performance. Much of Blaugrana’s supporters are in favor of getting rid of him, the more so that aside from style, the results also begin to spoil. The discussion about his possible dismissal is therefore increasingly avid and even potential candidates for his deputy join in. Ronald Koeman admits he can take over the club after Valverde.

Ronald Koeman, a former Barcelona player for many years, spoke about taking over the team of Barcelona. He currently leads the Netherlands, but this did not prevent him from responding to rumors.

“Marca” website quoted his statement in which he admitted that he was considering taking over Barcelona, ​​which he believes is possible. He added, however, that it certainly will not happen before the end of Euro 2020, which he will go with the Dutch.

Apparently, he doesn’t want to make the same mistake that Julen Lopetegui made a year and a half ago. We would like to remind you that before the World Championships the Spaniard was presented as a new manager of Real Madrid, which made him dismissed from the position of coach. Shortly afterward with the rest of the latter function as well.

Is Koeman a good candidate? Hard to say. His knowledge of the club definitely plays in his favor but his coaching experience doesn’t support him anymore. The Dutch achieved successes only in the home league when he had to change games, he rather failed.

He didn’t show off well in both Benfica and the two Premier League clubs, and Southampton and Everton are not the big ones. So it may seem that Barcelona is a little too high for him and I’m afraid that he could prove it so quickly that fans would miss Valverde.