Scotland won the 5th Place Playoff match against Oman

Scotland and Oman both cricket teams are quite potential but after passing the group stage of 2019 ICC T20I World Cup Qualifier, their form did not help them much. Scotland which team ended the group stage from the A group standing on the 4th position. So, they missed the chance of moving to the final. But Oman which team grabbed the 2nbd position in the B group had the chance but missed. They were defeated in the 2nd qualifier and ruled out from the competition. Now, these two losing sides faced against each other in the 5th place playoff match. The match between them took place earlier today and Scotland won the 5th Place Playoff match against Oman.

It was the 2nd knockout round of Scotland and Oman. Oman played the 2nd qualifier against Namibia but faced a big defeat. On the other side, Scotland played the 3rd qualifier and won against the United Arab Emirates. Now, Scotland will get another chance of moving to the main event of the next ICC T20I World Cup.

Earlier today, at the ICC Academy Ground, Dubai the 5th Place Playoff round took place between Oman and Scotland. Team Oman won the toss and came to bat first. Khawar Ali and Singh opened the innings for the toss-winning team but in 19 runs, opener Singh returned. He added only 7 runs. Another opener Khawar Ali added the highest 43 runs. Top orders of the team Oman added few runs each and so, in 20 overs, they lost seven wickets and presented 167 runs in front of Scotland. Alasdair Evans took three wickets highest for Scotland.

167 runs were good enough in T20I competition and all Oman needed to maintain their bowling attack but they failed. In 1 run, Scotland lost their opener and captain of the team Coetzer. But the rest players did their job well. The wicketkeeper of the team Matthew Cross scored the highest 61 runs and Leask added 38 more runs. So, by losing five wickets in 19 overs, Scotland chased the score successfully. Khawar Ali and Bilal Khan of Oman were quite expensive on that day. So, they lost the match.

Now, along with the match, the journey of Oman and Scotland in the 2019 ICC T20 World Cup Qualifier round has finished.