Sergio Ramos made the record but Spain lost points

The Spanish national football team is led by the Real Madrid skipper Sergio Ramos and earlier today, under his leading, Spain has played a match of the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying round. Through the match, Sergio Ramos made the record but Spain lost points! If his team Spain could manage the victory, they could secure their place into the main event of the 2020 UEFA Euro. The apprentices of Robert Moreno were ahead until the 90th minute of the game but in the additional minutes, the local team found a penalty and with the successful spot-kick, they stopped the guest team.

Team Spain which already touched the glorious title of the UEFA Euro earlier, they are placed into the group F along with five more teams. Including the match earlier today, Spain has played a total of seven matches in the qualifying round and managed six victories. They have not faced any defeat yet but with the highest 19 points, they are still holding the top position.

Earlier today, Spain visited Norway and it was the 7th round of both teams. In the qualifying round, Spain faced Norway earlier at their home venue and won by a 2 – 1 goal. But this time, at the home venue, Norway stopped the Spanish team. At the Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo the match between Spain and Norway ended with a 1 – 1 goal draw. After the first half, the scoreline was a 0 – 0 and in the 2nd half, Saul led the team Spain ahead and at the end, through the successful spot-kick of King, Norway returned to the game.

By playing the match against Norway, Sergio Ramos made a record for Spain. He is now holding the record of playing the highest number of matches wearing Spanish national team jersey. He has played a total of 168 international matches. The skipper who made the record was examined by their opponent earlier today.

Spain started the match well enough and they, as usual, made the shorts pass. But the home team Norway returned to the game within a short time and started to play speedy football. In the 38th minute, the local team found the first real chance but missed. Like the first half, Spain started the 2nd half with attack and got success. Saul found the net in the 47th minute of the game. In the 67th minute, they were about to increase the goal difference but the shot of Ruiz was stopped by the crossbar. In the additional minute, the Spanish goalkeeper made a foul and so, Norway got the penalty. With the successful spot-kick, they finished the game with a 1 – 1 goal.