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Messi from locking himself in his room to being the leader of Argentina

Roberto Ayala former partner explains Messi’s transformation. silent Messi is a leader now

Silent Messi is a leader now - Roberto Ayala

There was a time when the Argentine forward Lionel Messi did not talk much, his former national teammate Roberto Ayala disclosed that. According to the 47 years old former center-back, silent Messi is a leader now.

Lionel Messi is much more aggressive right now. Especially when his team faces any problem, Messi is going ahead. As the captain of the Argentina national team and Barcelona, he has started to face the problems. He is facing them from the front. The current Messi is far different from when he started his career. Not only on the ground but outside of the ground, Messi has made himself as the true leader.

Generally, the Barcelona captain is a true peace lover. But in recent times, the picture has been changed it seems. In the last February, Barca sporting director Erik Abidal made some unnecessary comments about the players’ professionalism. And then, the current Barcelona captain Lionel Messi criticized his former teammate.

Later, the rumor started to spread that Barca players were not ready to reduce their salary in the international crisis when Coronavirus is making its destruction. But once again, Messi came to the front and presented the answers on behalf of his teammates.

Yes, the former Napoli player Roberto Ayala once played alongside Lionel Messi in the Argentina national football team. The former defender has made a comparison between the young Messi and the experienced one. There are huge differences noticed but still, Messi would love to get normal behavior like the others. He is very conservative. But in the last few years, the thing has been improved, Roberto Ayala also added. 

On the ground and outside, Messi is a leader now. When Messi started his professional journey, they were teammates. He did not talk too much back then. I went outside for the practice. And if he did not practice, he stayed at home. Now, he is taking part in every event and talking with his teammates. Even before the match, he used to talk with his teammates so far.

Roberto Ayala was a reputed center-back and if we look to his professional career, we can get the proof. He played for a number of top-rated clubs in his professional career. Roberto Ayala played for Napoli and AC Milan considering his Italian chapter. He also spent seven seasons with the Spanish club Valencia. From 1994 to 2007, he played for Argentina national team and scored seven times.

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