Simeone calms down current Atletico Madrid squad not as good as 2014

Atletico Madrid is the only club in LaLiga with a set of 9 points. Some – as usual, is already giving in to temptation and trying to make new Spanish champions. The problem is that the league lasts 38 rounds, not three. The beginning of the season has been treacherous many times. Of course, strong Atletico is needed for the championship of Spain. One of the most rebuilt teams this summer is in a good position so far but her coach is toning the mood for now. Simeone calms down current Atletico Madrid Squad Not As Good As 2014.

Diego Simeone stated simply: “I had better players in the 2013/2014 season, in the championship season.”

We don’t know if it’s calculated for anything. But of course, it looks like getting pressure off the players and in addition pushing some unhealthy emotions off the team. Let’s agree – the madness on the dethronement of Barcelona will not help anyone.

Anyway, the atmosphere in the Atletico championship season was also tense around the club because everyone thought that past players would eventually well. They did well. They then won the title. They played in the Champions League final.

although we do not tip Atletico straight for the championship (because we would like to see him become the champion after 73 and Sevilla becomes next year 74). we think that if Simeone has anything else to prove, let it proves this season. Because to win an important trophy with such a reconstructed team, in which you had to somehow replace Rodri, Godin, Lucas, Griezmann, Filipe Luis and Juanfran. This will be a great feat.