Spanish court says LaLiga will not be played on Monday

The Spaniards are known for their hot temperament which is followed by many quarrels. This of course translates not only into football grounds but also to club offices and courts. Today, it will not be about court fights in which Diego Costa would certainly participate but about a very important and relatively calm court verdict. what is this? Spanish court says LaLiga will not be played on Monday.

But first let’s get to the situations. Who and what did he think? So what was the verdict? The Spanish football federation has judged the management of LaLiga about matches played on Monday. The first side was their great opponent as were the fans who did not like this day of the week very much while the other side continued to stick to their plan to play even one Monday meeting.

The case had to end up in court because the parties could not get along otherwise. The Spanish law has finally ruled and now we know that LaLiga will not be played on Monday.

This is definitely good news for clubs and supporters. They will not have to give up their duties to go to the match and as a result, teams will earn more because fans are more likely to come to the stands.

In this way, the economic situation will start to spin and ultimately everyone should be satisfied and the change will only be for the good. Do you really have to think about it?