Real Madrid is the most successful Spanish club because it won the highest number of La Liga titles. We can also regard them as the best European club as well. Why? Because they won the highest number of Champions League titles. Also, they have won the three UCL titles consecutively. But, in recent times, Real Madrid is not the same as the older team. They are too much vulnerable right now. In the last season, Real Madrid passed a very worst time on the ground. They could not win any title and also they even could not get near any title as well. Earlier today, Real Madrid President Florentino Perez stated that success has reduced the sharpness of Real Madrid!

Real Madrid’s last season was too bad and also unbelievable. It can not be imagined how they passed a bad time. But, the last few years, their performance was so charming and so, Real’s President thought that their highest success makes them vulnerable in the last season.

Real Madrid won their 3rd consecutive Champions League title in 2017-18 but in the last season, they just passed the group stage and from the round of the last sixteen, they were ruled out. They faced the Dutch club Ajax in the round of the last sixteen and could not get the victory. Though before the match, Real captain Sergio Ramos stated that it was too easy to beat Ajax.

And if we look to their last La Liga position, they were 19 points behind than the top-ranked holder Barcelona and standing on the 3rd position, they finished the last La Liga season. However, the new season of La Liga has stated and Real Madrid started the new season with the victory but playing three matches, they just managed one victory and two draws. Now, the team of Zidane is holding the 5th position. But, Perez has confidence in his team.

Florentino Perez has stated earlier that they were in so much charm due to their previous record and so, their sharpness has reduced. Now, Real Madrid has to regain their previous form back. The same coach Zidane and the same players made the Real champion earlier and they will do the same thing once again. Yes, he has agreed that the last season was not good for them but now, they are desperate to turn around.