Sweden found the 4th victory in the 2020 UEFA Euro qualifying

UEFA Euro is one of the most prestigious football competitions in the World and the European teams sued to take part in the tournament. Before playing into the main event, they have to play a qualifying round. A new season of the UEFA Euro used to take place once in every four years and the next episode will be executed in 2020. Now, the qualifying round is going on and There are a number of teams have taken part in the qualifying round. Sweden is one of them are placed into group F along with five more teams. Sweden is now holding the 2nd position on the group after Spain. Spain is still five points ahead of Sweden after ending the 7th round. Now, earlier today, Sweden played the 7th round and by winning the match, Sweden found the 4th victory in the 2020 UEFA Euro qualifying!

Earlier today, Sweden visited Malta and the match between them took place at the National Stadium, Ta’ Qali. It is the 2nd head to head battle between Malta and Sweden in the qualifying round. Earlier, Sweden faced Malta at their home venue and beat them by a 3 – 0 goal. But this time, the match was at the home venue of Malta but could not find the victory against Sweden. The Swedish team won by a 4 – 0 goal.

The match between Malta and Sweden was the 7th round for both teams and by winning the match, Sweden has been promoted to the 2nd position. But the team malta has been eliminated from the group stage. They have no chance to move to the next level. By playing the 7th round in the qualifying round, they just managed one victory and faced the defeat six times so far. Sweden has not confirmed their place into the main round of the UEFA Euro 2020 but they will get the chance.

If we consider the complet5e data of the match between Malta and Sweden, the guest team possessed the ball most of the time and made several attacks. They have taken a total of 21 shots and 9 of them were on the target. In return, Malta took a total of eight shots and one of them was on the target.

In the 11th minute of the game, Danielsson led the team Sweden ahead and in the 58th minute, from the penalty, Larsson made the goal difference double. Through a suicidal goal of Agius, the scoreline became 3 – 0 and once again, Sweden found the 2nd penalty and with the successful shot, Larsson made the scoreline 4 – 0 and secured the big victory.