Best European scorer has once again found its way into the hands of a LaLiga representative Lionel Messi

The European Golden Shoe is an award that usually does not cause much controversy. The winner of this statuette is to any discussion because it is awarded to the best scorer of all leagues affiliated to UEFA, although this also depends on the ratio of a given league. However, there is one player who closes the possibility of any polemics and spreads competition that of course Leo Messi. Messi is awarded his 6th European Golden Shoe.

The award for the best European scorer has once again found its way into the hands of a LaLiga representative and this is not surprising. The last player who did not represent the Spanish league was Cristiano Ronaldo while he was still in the Premier League as a Manchester United player.

For over a decade, you have to rise to the heights of your abilities to really aim at winning this award. Each of the last winners had at least 30 goals scored and such statistics should make a huge impression.

Leo Messi, who today received the award for the 2018/2019 season and was able to present himself to the world with this trophy for the sixth time in his career, primarily decided to appreciate the support of team partners who most often help Messi score goals. Two players have a good word – Jordi Alba and Luis Suarez although it’s not just their cooperation that is invaluable.

We have decided the winners of the last edition of the Golden Shoe but with the inauguration of the 2019/2020 season, the struggle for this year’s prize is already underway.

We can quietly count on Robert Lewandowski, who is currently in second place in the best shooters classification. Returning finally to Messi, it is worth paying attention to a very symbolic scene. The award winners were Mateo and Thiago Messi – the two sons of Lionel Messi. Let’s not forget that family is the most important thing.