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The formidable Italy has returned to Europe

The formidable Italy has returned

If we look at the last FIFA World Cup which was known as the 2018 Russia World Cup, it was a surprise for the football fans actually. After the 2nd World War, it was the very first World Cup where Italy failed to take part. So, the obvious question raised that would the four-time FIFA World Cup winner loses themselves? But with the amazing record, they have secured their place into the main event of the UEFA Euro 2020. It seems the formidable Italy has returned to Europe. Now, the Italy national team coach Roberto Mancini disclosed that in the upcoming UEFA Euro 2020, every team will want to avoid Italy.

In the last match of the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying round, Italy destroyed Armenia by a 9 - 1 goal. Through the match, as the first team in the qualifying phase, Italy managed all ten matches victories. It is a record. And at the same time, in a match, a total of seven players from a team found the net is also a record. Just for a little, they could not make the record of getting the biggest victory. If they can continue that destructive form in the main event of the UEFA Euro 2020, they will be feared by all no doubt.


The Italy coach Roberto Mancini has been asked what would they be feared by all the team or not. The former Manchester City boss accepted a fact that they are behind maintaining the squad than the top-rated teams like France, England, Belgium and a couple of more. But in the upcoming year 2020, they will leave no team for sure. Yes, he does not know that their opponent will be feared or not. Their opponents are quite powerful. Because considering their plan, they have still a step ahead of Italy. France started a couple of years ago. They have played a UEFA Euro final and won the FIFA World Cup. They are young and powerful. Spain is the same. In the last four or five years, Belgium has found some talented players. As well as England.

Though considering the familiar faces, Italy is still behind than te above-listed teams and so, Roberto Mancini has not made any roar. But still, his confidence level is so high. He has revealed it after the match. Yes, he accepted that the teams started a bit earlier but Italy has a good history too. So, he does not think that the opponents will want to face Italy in the UEFA Euro 2020.

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