The Old Lady stumbled before the Champions League

The new season of the UEFA Champions League is coming very fast. Just a couple of days and that’s it. The Italian giants Juventus is getting ready for their new target. They could not touch the Champions League title for long. In their history, they just managed two Champions League titles. But, being runners up for the last time in the year of 2017. Later, they were desperate to bring some top-rated star in the squad and they took Cristiano Ronaldo from the Spanish club Real Madrid. But in his inaugural year, CR7 could not bring the most wanted UCL trophy. Now, he has another chance ahead and their strength has increased a lot. But, all of a sudden, the Old Lady stumbled before the Champions League!

Yes, they have faced an unfortunate draw in the new season of Serie A. The word ‘Unfortunate’ is not so appropriate actually. The opponent team played so well. Even much better than the Serie A champion. The Old Lady deserved to face the defeat but they did manage a draw finally.

Fiorentina which Italian club played very well but could not find the most precious net. On the other side, Juventus played so unwanted football and the fans of them were fully disappointed. So, in the new season, the Old Lady has lost points for the first time.

It was the away match of the team of CR7 and the match finished with a 0 – 0 goals draw. In the first half, both teams presented surprising performance. Fiorentina which team lost their first two rounds in the ongoing season of Serie a but they were quite charming against the Juve. On the other side, Juventus which team presented an impressive performance in their first two rounds but against Fiorentina, they were not in their regular form. For the national team, just a couple of days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo scored four goals but Fiorentina stopped him successfully.

In the 15th minute, the Juve stopper went to stop a shot but Fiorentina was about to find the net. Finally, the shot of Fiorentina forward Chiesa went outside of the crossbar. In the 41st minute, once again, the Polish goalkeeper saved the Serie A champion. In the 2nd half, with just 12 minutes, Fiorentina made two charming attacks but only for a little, their shot could not find the net. Ronaldo-Higuain could not create any confirmed chance later. So, the team of Sarri left the ground with a disappointing draw.