The Polish striker Robert Lewandowski needs surgery

Robert Lewandowski is the Polish professional football player and also he is the captain of the Poland national football team. He is considered as one of the top-rated goal machines in recent time and playing for the German club Bayern Munich. He has started the new season brilliantly wearing the Bayern’s shirt and still holding the top position if we consider the highest goalscorer in the ongoing season of Europe’s top five leagues. But it seems that his good time has ended. The Polish striker Robert Lewandowski needs surgery!

To recover from the groin injury completely, the Bayern Munich Polish striker Robert Lewandowski needs a surgery. But when will he take the surgery, the date has not finalized yet and the Polish striker has not taken a certain decision about his surgery reportedly.

The reputed German sports magazine KiKa revealed that it would perhaps in the next International break, the Polish captain would go for the surgery. And also, the charging manager of Bayern Munich Dieter Flick revealed that the surgery is truly needed. In the next Champions League match, the German champion is going to be ready to face the Greek club Olympiacos.

Before the match, the current boss of the Bayern attended a press conference where he revealed that. He is quite surprised but it is true, he stated. He is facing a little bit problem though there is no pain that he feels right now.

But the manager has agreed that the Polish forward will have to need the surgery now or later. There can be no alternative. Now, the 31st years old forward will take with the medical staff. It is his decision and they will honor his decision anytime. Because Robert Lewandowski is a very important football player for them.

According to the report of KiKa, if the surgery will go as planned, it will take at least 10 days to recover for the Bayern star Robert Lewandowski. So, in that case, in the upcoming Saturday, after his team will face Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga, the striker might take the decision for the surgery.

In the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying round, on the 17th of November, Poland will face Israel. But already his team has confirmed the ticket of the UEFA Euro 2020. So, Robert Lewandowski might not take part in the match. After the international break, Bayern Munich will play its first match in Bundesliga on 23rd November 2019. Before the match, the former Borussia Dortmund player would regain his fitness from the surgery hopefully.