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Aston Villa and Man United ended with a 2 – 2 goal draw

The Red Devils lost points at the Old Trafford

Solskjaer is the current manager of Manchester United but it seems that he might not keep his job continue at the Old Trafford. The Red Devils are passing the worst time in their history. They have already faced several defeats against some lower-ranked team and once again in the 14th round of the Premier League, they have stumbled. This time, the Red Devils lost points at the Old Trafford! The fort of the Red Devils. It is not so special venue right now. At least their performance says it.

After the departure of Jose Mourinho, the new coach Solskjaer was appointed but his guidance is failing. There are not improvements noticed but as the current season, they would not take part in the next season’s Champions League as well if their performance remains the same. In the last season, the Red Devils played the Champions League but in the new season, they are playing the UEFA Europa League. So, they might miss the next UCL as well.

At the beginning of the match, the Red Devils went behind. Yes, of course, they turned around and also took the lead but just a minute later, they conceded the 2nd goal. As a result, the team which is stumbling during the whole season lost points in the Premier League once again. At the home venue of the most successful Premier League club Old Trafford, earlier today, the match between Aston Villa and Man United ended with a 2 – 2 goal draw. 

The team of Solskjaer has stumbled in the whole season and against Aston Villa, they went behind at the beginning. In the 11th minute, pass from the teammate, with an amazing curve shot, the English midfielder Grealish found the net. In the 42nd minute, the local team returned to the game. From the right side, the Brazilian midfielder Andreas Pereira made the cross and through the head, Rashford led the ball to the net. In the 64th minute, by making the 2nd set-piece, Manchester United went ahead. This time, Swedish defender Lindelof’s amazing head found the net. But they could not keep the distance for more than two minutes. From the box, through the half volley, the English defender Mings made the scoreline 2 – 2.

In the league, including the match, Man United made the draw consecutive twice times and overall six times so far. By playing 14 matches in the league, they just managed four victories. With the 18 points, they are holding the 9th position.

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