The season’s first El Clasico will be executed on 18th December

‘El Clasico’ is the dual between Barcelona and Real Madrid and still regarded as one of the most popular, excited, most-watched football matches in the World right now. The dual between the two clubs, the two most popular football clubs in the World and the football lovers used to wait for ‘El Clasico’ and hardly miss them. In every season of the Spanish La Liga, two matches used to take place between Real Madrid and Barcelona. And in the new season, the first El Clasico was about to take place on 26th October 2019 at the Nou Camp, the venue of the Catalan club. But, there is a heavy political contradiction has started there and so, after applying for changing the venue or the date, the Spanish Football Federation has finally changed the date. According to the report, the season’s first El Clasico will be executed on 18th December!

Yes, the first El Clasico in La Liga will be executed in the upcoming 18th December 2019, at the home venue of Barcelona. Earlier the yesterday, Royal Spanish Football Federation revealed a statement where they confirmed the schedule. The competition committee has taken the decision after analyzing the proposed dates. Real Madrid and Barcelona have been told to come to a compromising date and both of them have informed that 18th December 2019 would be the best alternative schedule for the high voltage match.

Barcelona fans waited to see the game at the home venue on 26th October 2019 at the Camp Nou but in Catalunya, the top-rated nine politicals leaders have been captured by the Spanish government and imprisoned them for 13 years. But the people of Catalunya are not ready for the punishment and they have started the demonstration. So, the situation in Catalunya is not favored for the high voltage match and so, La Liga applied for the replacement or change the venue to the Spanish Football federation.

Now, yesterday, the RFEF has revealed the schedule. They have kept the venue the same as before but changed the date to the 18th December 2019. According to the Spanish new papers, Real Madrid and Barcelona did not agree to change the venue though La Liga wanted to select Santiago Bernabeu for the first El Clasico when the situation in Catalunya was out of control.